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Griffin by panzi Griffin by panzi
Hmm. I don't know how to paint bird-wings and I don't know how to colour a drawing with inkscape. Can anyone tell me? :)

I first have drawn it with pencil, then hand-traced and coloured it with inkscape.

Off Topic:
Ubuntu can't use my scanner since the last kernel update! Therefore I had to carry the scanner upstairs to my sisters mac and install the HP drivers there. The scanning tool looks very crappy but at least it works. 88MB only for scanning support! Its a HP ScanJet 5300C which is actually a avision scanner only labelled HP.

If the user interface of Windows wouldn't be soooo crappy I would use it because of stability and hardware support. But I can't stand this limited GUI. No good integrated Virtual Desktops, no configurable window buttons, no custom window settings per application/window, no configurable (global) shortcuts of the Desktop Environment and ALL applications, no dcop/d-bus for easily scripting of almost each application, no quake like shell, no good shell support at all, no apt-get, no applications in PATH, no manpages etc. The Windows Kernel actually is great (superior to Linux), "just" the Windows Subsystem is crap. And under Windows there is no broken hal and/or drivers which makes you DVD burner unusable from time to time and hangs your system from time to time. (I get processes in status "D (uninterruptable sleep)" blocking the DVD drive. You can't kill such processes. Not even as root. You have to reboot to change the DVD! Sometimes this happens without a DVD in the drive!)

Maybe when KDE 4 (or 4.1) arrives KDE + OS X will be a option. Hmm. But the window manager of OS X is limited crap. Granted, exposé and the search are awesome.

Ergo: Linux is crap, Windows is crap and OS X is crap, too. Everyone have to find out which crap is the most bearable in his/her opinion. (Hmm, maybe BSD and/or Solaris?)
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September 27, 2007
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