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tower ruins by panzi tower ruins by panzi
Made and rendered with blender 2.42: [link]

I'm not totally happy with the lighting. Does anyone know how to make it better? With blender! -> What lighting settings do I need in blender.
CorazondeDios Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2006
it looks phenomenally awesome to me. I downloaded blender yesterday upon seeing your silver and golden dragon paw. I could not believe the program was open source and free. It's awesome! the whole concept of open source and free blows me away. i've got inkscape and another one that movies use for HDR imaging [link]

then of course, there's the GIMP -- also opensource and free, and ubuntu, an opensource operating system with a plethora of softwares for it -- about 16,000 I think.

Are you on a Linux OS? I'm thinking to try out ubuntu and abandon Windows on one computer's such a pain to use.

You are really talented and have done an awesome job with blender. I love your work. are there tutorials or something for getting started with blender?

you really do a great job with it.
panzi Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2006
Well I would be talented if the picture would look like I want it to look. ;)
But I heared thats a problem every artis has.

Yes, blender is cool. Unusual Interface, but it's efficient, if you know how to use it. [link] is a blog about blender. You can find links to loads of good tutorials (tutorial-videos!) and resources there.

The blender-wiki [link] contains a very good blender-reference. It's like Wikipedia, if you want to improve it/add tutoriasl and stuff, just do it. ;)

The wiki-book Blender 3D: Noob to Pro [link] is olso a good resource. (also a wiki. so everyone is invited to add teh missing sections)

And then there is the blender-artists forum [link] If you have a question, which is not answered in the wiki, ask it there. You can also post your renderings there. Futher there is a scripting subforum, where you can find great scripts (plugins). I also posted a imroved version of a script there (TerryNoise Improved).

And then there is the forum [link] This is more for the developers and you can often find testbuilds with new features there (thouse are almost allways linked by blendernation).

Blender is a great peace of software but is still missing some features. Well, the list of touse features is shrinking permanently, but SSS (sub surface scatering) and voulumetric shadows in the raytracer etc. would be nice. But you can use Yafray or throught plugins PovRay etc. with blender. The only thing is: thous raytracers need much more time to render a picture.

Gimp is pretty cool, too. It's more that I need, but it's useless for pros, I heared.

I use KUbuntu (it's Ubuntu with KDE for the Desktop Environment). I still use 5.10 and so my system is totally outdated. I think I will upgrade thees days or so. The new Ubuntu version has long time support (3 years). Older Ubuntu versions where abandoned by the developers imediatly after the release of a new version, so there are almost no updates/patches. Only for very serious bugs.

But I did use SuSE, Mandrake and Fedora, too. All good distributions. You have to try it out and see what you like most.
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July 26, 2006
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